August 4th, 2009

So the inspiration for this site comes from some occurrences that happened to me Friday night while I was bartending. The bar I work at ( for only 3 more weeks) is what I like to call a music bar. Yes, there are TVs, a plastic dartboard, Elvis pinball and the touch screen bar games present,  but the reason people even come to this bar is to hear live music. And all types..I mean there are the nights where you feel like your ears are bleeding from the death metal that is pouring out of the speakers. I swear if the Nerf dart gun was real, some people might have actually used it by now. But other nights you can get the cover bands that are really fun and inspire you to start drinking and dance, while trying to make some money. I love those nights. Then there are the nights like last Friday, that are few and far between.  Hip Hop and R&B groups fill the bar with  music that you can feel and really enjoy, (my personal preference) at least to start with. What went from enjoyment turned to utter disappointment and resulted in me getting a massive headache from the music and alcohol combination. These so called “rappers” took the stage. Three dudes are singing or “rapping” I should say, and their posse, all thirty of them are all gathered up behind them shouting out maybe three or four words  from the song.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

I am ashamed to call that music.

Not only do you get the “groups” as they like to  be called, you get the groupies. The men and women that come to the bar looking all pissed off at the world and want you to fetch their drink ASAP. Oh hell no sister. You will wait. Half the time I am working with my co-worker Jason or my bosses Chuck and Brian and I make them take orders. I just can’t even do it. And with this crowd your not even guaranteed to make decent money. They will tip you really well or not at all. I can’t stand that. And it’s not like they are drinking well drinks. They will pay $12 for a double shot of patron and not leave a dime.

But it’s not all bad. I’m just venting. I love that place. Just sucks they are closin her down.



The CBR's clan.


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