August 25th, 2009

Love this pic..Kind of dark but I can give you breakdown of what is going on. There was a group of people that all seemed to be friends hanging out at the bar Friday night. There was this guy who was wearing a top hat (obviously trying to act like a pimp) in the group who was just mingling all night with everyone he was with. I thought we was with one of the girls in the group because they were hanging out pretty much the entire night. Then to my surprise (mind you this is around 1-1:30 so they have been drinking for a few hours.) I look over and there is this couple hanging out by the dart board. It’s the guy in the top hat and a woman who was a little bit bigger and definitely not the girl he was talking to all night. They start furiously making out with each other like they were going to strip off their clothes and start having sex right on the spot. I laughed then the unexpected happened and they both learned back up against the green room door and busted it open and the alarm goes off. I almost peed my pants laughing.



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