Niki Dating 101..

So I will be the first to admit that I hate dating. I have never been good at it.

I have been single now for about 6 months and I still suck at dating. My roommate has been coaching me. lol.  I will admit I have my interests but there are boundaries that can not be crossed. So because of that I have decided to blog about the unspoken rules that complicate dating even more making it more uncomfortable than it already is.

1) Don’t dip your pen in the company ink – Universal law number one that everyone knows  but do you always follow  it? No, of course not. Just running into that person is so uncomfortable and leaving you to think about the interactions you had while your at work, making your productivity lower than it already is.  I am pretty sure everyone has done it once and some relationships work out..but the majority end in disaster fail.

2) Dating a friend of your good/best friend – This one applies to the friends you make after you move out of your home town. Because in your home town everyone knows everyone and has already dated everyone including your friends ex’s. So that doesn’t count. I am talking about once you spread your wings and move away from the hell hole you grew up in. You begin to make new friends and meet their friends. This is a sticky situation if you find yourself interested in one of their friends…especially if they are interested in you. You don’t know what to do. They are your friends’ friend so if there is a connection  you have to somehow tell your friend. Ugh. That could turn into disaster if they are not cool with it. Then what if it doesn’t work? You don’t want to stop being friends with your friend just because of this person. But you know they are not going to stop being friends and hanging out because of you. This one is so complicated and happens more than not.

3) Never ever date your ex’s friends – I mean that’s a given. You run the risk of seeing them which I am friends with a select few ex’s but your ex’s for a reason. Who wants to see them more than you have to. Yuck.

more to come…


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