Holy crap batman.

So I was driving home last night after the Superbowl, I am about to get on the on ramp to the highway and I see the flashing (lights, lights, lights) red and blue lights behind me…shiiiittt.

I so should have gone to jail because:

a) I had a half empty bottle of wine in my purse.

b) I wasn’t wearing my seat belt.

c) My tags are expired because I have been too lazy to renew them.

So I pull over and he comes to my drivers side window. My window no longer opens. I found this out a few days ago, so I have to open the door.

He says “did you know you were going 53 in a 45?” I said ” no, but ok”. I have found that if you don’t argue with them they are more likely to let you off ( knock on wood).

He then asks for my drivers license and proof of insurance.

Well my parents just switched  insurance companies ( literally just switched last week), so I tell him the sch-peal with the insurance company. Meanwhile Luke is in the passenger seat whining his butt off and the officer literally looks at me then hands me back my license and says slow down and be careful driving away.

WTF? That never happens. But I am pretty sure that it was a sign from someone, not exactly sure who or what the sign was, but I know that I am going to wear my seat belt and get my tags renewed this week.


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