A little humpday rant.

I am so tired of treating people like I want to be treated and not receive that treatment in return. I go out of my way to make people happy and when I get nothing, not that I expect it, it starts to take a toll on you. You treat me the way I treat you and we will never have a problem. If you take advantage of me or lie to me, all rules and respect go out the window.

Nuff said.


2 responses to “A little humpday rant.

  • Brandon

    Silly Niki! You’re living by the Golden Rule… that’s been modified. Not everybody wants to be treated like you do, so there is the Silver Rule. The Silver Rule is to treat others like THEY want to be treated.

    Of course, this is just silly. So I go with my own rule. Treat others like they DESERVE to be treated. 🙂

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