Probably one of the most accident prone people you will ever meet.

So I was asked to play on a friend’s softball team on Wednesdays.  I agreed, I love playing ball.

So my very first at bat of the game, I hit it to the shortstop (I believe) and begin running to first.

About 6 strides out of the batter’s box I feel myself starting to get off balance, I proceed to run to first and fall head first, 2 feet away from the bag.  Oh man, not only was I out but I felt the embarrassment kick in immediately. I have seen this before and it sucks.

So I get up and immediately assess my battle wounds. My right knee starts bleeding immediately as well as the left and I can feel the scrapes on my elbows and left hip.

I did play through the pain. Reminder, this happened in the first inning. Overall I legged out 2 singles and ran around in right field. The team we played was huge. They scored 10 in the first inning and slowly chipped away at the lead. We came back little by little and ended up with a tie at 18’s after playing for an hour and a half. I couldn’t believe it.

I decided to post my wounds for fun. If you have a weak stomach I wouldn’t look.

Enjoy. 😉

Hip bone.

Left arm.

Right arm.

Left knee.

Right knee.


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