Bring on 2011.

I was has having a conversation last week about 2011 and how it better be a good year. 2009 was by far one of the worst years in my, at the time, 24 years. I lost not only one but two best friends that year, the events with my family started and I was in a complete state of re-defining who I was. I lost ‘me’ over the previous few years and I only have myself to blame. So with 2010, I set out to find me and vowed to never let myself slip away again. It started off great, a few months passed I got my dog who I love more than anything, was hired into my current job and eventually met a man who I thought was different. And different he was. From that experience I learned to trust my instincts because I was right all along. That relationship produced more drama than I want to experience in my life ever again.

So I say bring on 2011. At this point I am ready for almost anything. I don’t know what it’s in store for me but I know I am not going to stop until I get to where I want to be. I am too ambitious to accept anything less. I am going to continue my pursuit of peace, love and happiness. Seems like a fairytale but you create your own path in this crazy world. I will get there, eventually. One lesson at a time.

“Regrets, are mistakes you didn’t learn from.”


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