Man on the Moon: II, The Legend of Mr. Rager

It took me about 5 or 6 times listening to this album all the way through to really get into it. When I think back on the first one, I was the same way. I started out liking 2 to 3 songs then it progressed to 5 to 6 and now I am in love with the whole album. Kid Cudi’s albums are stories that you have to read from start to finish in order to get the full effect. Once you do, you’ll want to re-read it over and over again.

I can’t explain why I love his music so much. I think it’s because with each album I have been able to personally relate to a number of tracks. For example, Pursuit of Happiness from Man on the Moon, The End of Day hit home so hard at time because of the things I was going through in my personal life. I had just broken up with the man I spent five years of my life loving, the financial issues for my parents started and I was just not in a good placee . That song pushed me to realize that I deserve happiness on every level and that just because I was not there at that point, not to give up on it. And I haven’t. 🙂

Man on the Moon: II, The Legend of Mr. Rager has a number of tracks that I can relate to but the one that has it’s hooks in me is All Along.

With all that being said, I recommend buying, downloading, doing whatever you need to do to get this album.


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