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February 19th, 2011.

I have reached a point in my life that I am proud of. I am doing things differently and actually started to look out for myself rather than trying to appease to everyone else. Being single has been a huge eye opener for me to what is really important in life. You must be yourself in every situation.  I am at a great balance between work, family and personal relationships. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people that are so talented. I look up to each and every one of them. Nothing is ever going to be perfect or in balance but striving for happiness should be the goal of every single day. Life is just so much better when you’re happy. I, am finally happy.

Word of the day.



1.The act of pouring a liquid (usually wine) either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice to some deity; also, the wine or liquid thus poured out.
2.A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.
3.An act or instance of drinking.
—-> What Friday is all about. 🙂

Song of the Day.

Too much wine.

I def blogged last night in the midst of drinking a bottle of wine (by myself), dancing to You Tube videos and listening to single lady music.  I am certainly feeling the repercussions of my actions this morning…whoa.

Baby you were Born this Way.

This is what I want. ;)