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I knew going into 2012 that drastic things were going to happen and it scared me because I had no idea what they were. It’s April 25th and a third of the way through the year and it’s become very apparent what that feeling was about.


Change amongst my friends who over the past few years have become my second family. Two girlfriends are pregnant, one is about to get married on Saturday, my best friend from high school is already married and the majority of everyone else is married or in serious relationships.

Then there is me. Working my ass off andĀ pursuing my passion for photography. Lately I have this ongoing feeling of being lost or mis-guided. I can’t really explain why. I know deep down that I want to move away but where? I had a huge connection with Chicago the last time I was there and even applied to a bunch of jobs. No dice. So I put the job hunting on the back burner to concentrate on my current job and photography. The feeling was gone for awhile but with each passing day it gets stronger. My desire for Chicago has turned to a question of, is this the right place? I am not as drawn to it as much as I once was. Not sure why. I am planning on visiting again in June so we will see if that has any affect on me. I know Denver is where my heart is. I have always been drawn to that beautiful place. I know I want to start a family close to my family so Denver is where I see myself ending up at some point. But is that time now?

I don’t know. So, I decided that I will continue the job hunt and put my eggs in two baskets, Denver and Chicago. I guess fate will have to decide my next move. If there is one at all.